“I am a pilot for one of the airlines, my Yukon wouldn’t start I called your company, your company was very punctual and professional. Brian arrived when you said that he would. He was very knowledgeable, asked me a few questions, ran some diagnostic tests and replaced a sensor that he had on his van. My Yukon runs better than it has in a year. I made it to the airport on time. And yes I recommend your company to all of my friends and associates. P.S. Thanks again Accurate Mobile Mechanics”
- Tony D. Las Vegas, NV

“You guys really know what you are doing! Before my friend Jackie referred me to your company. Two other mobile companies came out they had what appeared to be low prices. One company that came out had a guy and his family show up, very unprofessional the guy wanted a huge deposit to replace my fuel pump. I said what about the price I was quoted on the phone, he said some lame excuse and I told him to go find someone else to rip off. The second company had two guys show up, these guys were rude and wanted 600 deposit paid up front, I said you didn’t even run any diagnostics they said “we know what we are doing. What you think everybody is trying to rip you off I’m American pay me up front and we’ll be back..”. well they already were 5 hours late. I told them to leave. They called me back and started cussing and swearing at me. Anyways after all that nightmare I called you guys, You were very professional on the phone and the ASE certifications gave me some hope , so I decided to give you a shot. Eric showed up at the time you said he would. He greeted me , introduced himself, and asked me some questions. After about 20 minutes he had run all his diagnostic tests. Eric replaced two wires and a connector in my electrical harness the cost was $178.00 I was very happy with that and tipped Eric $22.00. I highly recommend Accurate mobile mechanics to all of my friends… You are the best! The question I have to ask myself is what if I paid one of those other companies their 600 dollars up front… They put in a fuel pump and it didn’t fix the problem. Would they have made up some excuse and wanted more money… Or just never came back!”
- Linda H. Phoenix, AZ.